New year, New life

2018 is a new year. ‘New year, new life’ is a an overstatement but you never truly get a blank slate unless you actually make one for yourself.

new year

This should be the year of moving forward even further and not only growing more but also removing negativity that has lingered for too long. There’s no more time for procrastinating. No more time for toxic relationships. No more time for doubt or holding back. There is enough waiting, toxicity and disbelief in the world as it is… It’s not going to go anywhere without first starting in ways that are easily accessible. Not only should this be the year of moving forward but it needs to be the year of moving forward. Accelerating with even more drive and passion than before. Power is an interesting concept being that it is completely a internal construct. With the freedom most people have, the confines of restriction should stay illusionary because for the most part it is.

The economical climate is daunting. Educational information is easily accessible due to the rise of the digital age. Most millennials have gone from being the newest generation to young adults or even, dare I say it, fully independent grown up individuals. We’re starting to realize the importance of changing habitual behaviour to best suit us in the long run. We’ve been conditioned and engraved with systematic beliefs and conduct. There’s an urgency to adapt our lifestyles to accommodate our true dreams and desires and not just our immediate ones. For me personally, I want to be completely financial stable, learn amazing new things both inside of educational institutions and out. Finally, I want to cross boundaries- no. I want to rid myself of the mindset that there are even boundaries to begin with and stay on the pathway that will allow me to rise to the fullest potential of myself so I have even more to be proud of.

2018 doesn’t have to be just a ‘new year’. It won’t be just a ‘new year’. It is going to be a fresh, newfangled year of advancement. This is going to be a year of determining and pursuing goals full throttle in order to make this year the most productive and enjoyable year to date.


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