Ambassador (Debut EP) – Release

Writing is something very important to me. One of the easiest ways for me to pass time, express myself or explore my creativity has always been through pen and paper, or in recent years finger to keyboard. Before I started creating thousands of documents digitally I filled countless pages in journals and I’ve built quite the archive. Another way I like to explore my creativity and to pass time is to find connections between different texts I created and make compaliations out of them. I call this process archival revival.

Back in 2007 (pre smartphone era) I fell in love with music more so than I already had been. My enthusiastic and over jolly music teacher introduced me to choir and piano playing and I’ve been experimenting with music on my own ever since. I’d find a convert a short story into a poem, or use one I’d already had and make a short melody that got stuck into my head for days. The radio could not compare to my pre-adolescent masterpieces in which I would often rhyme “fun” with “sun” or “park” with “dark”. Genius.

Shortly after, the internet entered my life and I could study more on songwriting techniques and things to assist me into my personal archival revival. Throughout my teenage years I created thousands of poems and lyrics often going back revamp them creatively, then turn them into complete demo tracks. At this point I have a few hundred demo songs and last year I wanted to pull together some of my most personal tracks to release publicly as a EP mixtape.

Taking inspiration from my person icons Lady Gaga, Lana Del Rey, Amy Winehouse and Skeeter Davis, I found my own voice and sound. I’d describe my musical genre as experimental dream-pop infused with bubblegum-rock. Lyrically, I like to incorporate elements of my favorite genres jazz and R&B so I’d say my music is somewhat all over the place. Testing the shallow waters before treading to the depth.

My first release ‘Ambassador’ is an intentionally over auto-tuned manifestation of some of my most important songs, but I made sure to include components of melodrama, satire and nihilism to reflect my life philosophies. ‘Kit’ is a contradictory song about yearning, realization and regret. When the challenge is over the acquisition is no longer rewarding which endless cycle of need followed by resent. ‘Ambassador’ was based off of Hutton’s paradox and reflects theories surrounding the ‘dream argument’. The enigmatic conundrum is only solved when the omniscient ambassador provides clarity with grace. The track ‘Blood’ is about a two faced double-dealing snake in the grass hijacking the flow of a healthy relationship. Besides the duplicitous bottom of the barrel dumpster juice the track also alludes to the book ‘Sonnets to Orpheus’ written by German author Rainer Maria Rilke.

For full lyrics with annotations by be you can click the title of the song below to be redirected to the Genius page below.

  1. Kit
  2. Ambassador
  3. Blood

You can support me by streaming the player below or downloading (name your price) from my Bandcamp page.


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